Which are the most common types of keys?

MK systems

What are MK systems?
Is there a master key which opens all cylinders?
How many cylinders can be made from each master key?
Can you add further cylinders to an existing system?


What is a European-profile cylinder?
What is an anti-drill cylinder?
What is an anti-tear cylinder?
What is the term "Bumping" associated to a cylinder?
How many keys are supplied with a cylinder?
I lost all my keys and I have to replace the cylinder, how can I do it?
Is there a European Standard for the classification of cylinders?
What is a construction site cylinder?
What is a recodable cylinder?


What is a mortice lock?
What is a rim lock?
What is a frame lock?
What is a mortice lock for metal frames with horizontal application?

Locks for metal frames

Can a lock for metal frames be used for other
types of frames?
Which voltage must be used for an electric lock?
Can an electric lock be opened if the voltage runs out?

Locks for aluminium frames

Are locks for aluminium frames the same as the ones for
wooden or metal frames?
I would like to open my door with a remote control as well as with a key.
Which is the difference between a flat forend and a "U" forend?

Panic exit devices

Which standards regulate emergency exits?
What is a panic exit device?
Can a Pad device be assembled in a public place?
Can the Push panic exit device be shortened?
What is a microswitch and what is it used for?
Can panic exit devices be assembled on PVC profiles?
What is the Bolt system?
What is a product certification?

Striking plates

What is a striking plate?
Why is the striking plate adjusted?

Door closers

What is a door closer?
How many models are there?
What are its main functions?
Which standard regulates door closers?