Locks for armoured doors

A Class 7 Production.
Security performance is the main element in this market segment. Specialization is the key factor we propose. A specialized company in the Group mainly produces locks for armoured doors with a rating up to Class 7: the certification of utmost security.

Maximum Security for Installers.
Our locks are top of the range in security parameters for all classes of certification. Our locks are continually tested to check their quality. They have been designed and manufactured to guarantee durability and effectiveness over time. They have construction keys to enable easy access during installation.

Maximum Comfort for Users.
The final user is asking for security but also for comfort: our keys have been conceived to meet both these requirements. They can all be completely reset and recoded, making it easy to intervene if keys are lost or users change. Electromechanical locks have an independent power supply, with long lasting batteries that simplify installation.